Integrating camelot

Camelot is designed with integration in mind. This page describes the process around some common integrations.


CamtrapR assumes images to be stored in certain ways in order to read-in data for analysing. Camelot itself does not store data in this way.

Instead, Camelot has two CamtrapR-specific reports:

  1. Camera Trap Export
  2. Record Table

These reports provide data in an equivalent format to CamtrapR’s recordTable and CTtable

Here’s an example of how these might be used in R to generate a species richness plot:

recordtable = read.csv("record-table_yyyy-mm-dd_xxxx.csv") # read the Record Table report
camtraps = read.csv("camera-traps_yyyy-mm-dd_xxxx.csv") # read the Camera Trap Export report

Maps <- detectionMaps(CTtable      = camtraps,
                      recordTable  = recordtable,
                      Xcol         = "gps_x",
                      Ycol         = "gps_y",
                      stationCol   = "Station",
                      speciesCol   = "Species",
                      printLabels  = TRUE,
                      richnessPlot = TRUE,
                      speciesPlots = FALSE