Networked usageΒΆ

To use Camelot on multiple computers, the approach is to run Camelot on one computer, and then connect to that computer over the network from all other computers needing to use it. That is to say, Camelot itself is only ever running on one computer, and other computers merely access Camelot over the network. This is called a Client/Server model.

Camelot can be accessed by other computers on the network using the address of the computer actually running Camelot. The URL which web browsers may connect to can be found in the administration interface, under: Camelot β†’ Known URLs.

These addresses will change for each computer network Camelot is used on. Alternatively, you can get the hostname or IP Address of your computer manually (the process to do this is specific to each operating system & outside the scope of this guide) and appending β€œ:5341”.

Using a similar approach, Camelot can be accessed remotely over the Internet. This often necessitates use of a VPN or similar (configuring a VPN Server is also outside of the scope of this guide and may require professional IT services to set up).