There are two types of settings available in Camelot:

# global settings, which affect all surveys, and # survey settings, which are specific to a single survey

Global settings

A variety of settings can be customised through Camelot’s administration tool. See administration for more information.

Survey settings

Survey details

A survey can be configured via:

SettingsSurvey details

Apart from the name and description, there is the option to configure the sighting independence threshold. The sighting independence threshold is the number of minutes between two sightings where they may be classified dependent. Dependent sightings will be counted as a single sighting in some reports.

For more information about how the sighting independence threshold affects reports, see Independent observations.

Sighting fields

Sighting fields can be configured via:

SettingsSighting fields

Sighting fields allow for the recording of additional information along with each identification. This is a powerful tool, and is described in much more detail here.